Monday, March 28, 2011

Loaded Potato Skins

I first thought about creating this blog when I made these Loaded Potato skins.
I started off by “baking” potatoes. I say “baking” because I actually just stuck them in the microwave for about 5 minutes each. After the potatoes we done, I cut them in half and scooped out most of the insides (which can be used to make other things, like mashed potatoes!) and then tossed them into the deep fryer for several minutes to crisp up.
While the potatoes were cooking, I browned some hamburger on the stove and added some onions and other spices to liven things up a bit.
When the skins are crispy and the hamburger is brown, I filled the skins up to the top and covered them with cheddar cheese and some cooked pieces of bacon.
I put them into a pan and into the oven until the cheese was all nice and melted.
They were pretty good. If I do it again, I would think about adding in some jalapenos to make things a little more flavorful.

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